Van Nuys Noise Portal

Welcome to the VNY Noise Portal, Los Angeles World Airports' interactive, neighborhood-focused web application designed to help you easily explore, learn, and gain insight into aircraft flight activities that may affect you and others in your community.
To access resources to help you easily identify common aircraft operations and noise affecting your community, tap or click on your Area of Interest (AOI) on the map below.

 If you are unsure of your location/AOI, you may use one of the following to locate your AOI:

     1. Address Look-up Bar in the upper left corner of the map

     2. Find My Location Button located just below the address bar

Then click or tap anywhere on the screen to make your selection.


You may also click on either of the two icons in the upper right corner of the map to toggle between the Map and List view to select your AOI.

Area of Interests - Map Area of Interests - List